Melyssa is a self taught artist, actor and photographer with a slight fetish for gauze, bones and rusty things. She calls Toronto home, where she lives with 3 cats and 2 dogs.

Her favorite activities are sleeping, canoeing, exploring abandoned places with her camera, playing World of Warcraft (horde ftw) and of course creating in both digital and traditional mediums.

She supports her pets and her art by working as a photo editor and by pretending to be really cool people on tv.

However, she greatly dislikes writing bios so this is all you get right now.

Rest in Peace, Rowan Snottypants.
You were the terrified feral kitty I adopted almost 13 years ago. Despite never being able to pet you or snuggle with you like I could with all my other kitties, you found your way into my heart and will never leave. It was a long slow road toward gaining your trust but it was so incredibly rewarding. I'll never forget watching you play with your brothers or the way you'd sing at the top of your lungs in the middle of the night. The way you'd massage your favourite blanket when you thought I wasn't watching, or the way you always came running to pose when you heard my camera turn on. You'd always hiss at me if I got too close or looked at you "wrong" but I knew you loved me as much as I loved you. In the end your little body couldn't fight the lung cancer that came out of nowhere and snatched you from me far too soon. I miss you with all my heart, my sweet little wild child. ♥